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LPGA Gainbridge Statistics

Last week was the inagaural LPGA event in Boca Raton at Boca Rio Golf club. I have to say it was pretty nice being able to jump in the car and drive down south. A week without getting on an airplane is always nice with some oversees travel coming up soon. Friday I leave from Melbourne, Australia for the Victoria Open and Australian Open. Not exactly around the corner from home like these last 2 events. We have 5h 40 min to Los Angeles followed by 15h 50 min to Melbourne. Ouch!

On the LPGA tour we have very basic statistics that the walking scorers record but they really don't tell you much about what you did well or not. Many players use a number of different stat programs to keep track of their performance but the only real way to compare one player to another is with strokes gained. The new program I'm using "Around the Ball" gives me and around 30 players on the LPGA tour who are using it a real way to analyze and compare different parts of our game. Each week I get Daniel to fill the sheet out as I play and then he sends a photo of the completed sheet each round. Pretty simple.

Have a look at my stats below. If you have any questions about my stats feel free to email me with the link below.

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