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Australia Stats and New Zealand

Lots of news this past week both good and bad with the LPGA cancelling the next three events because of the impact of the coronavirus, leaving everyone wondering how to spend the next month off that usually is a busy time of the year. On the good news side I accepted an offer to play in the New Zealand Open held in Arrowtown on the south island of NZ. This event is very cool being that its a pro-am format similar to the dunhill links. When I first made contact with Michael the tournament director I thought I would play as an amateur with one of the male pros but being such a popular event all the spots had been filed. We talked about how playing as a pro off the "mens tees" would be and decided that it would be an interesting dynamic and lots of fun to come back to New Zealand and play some golf. My amateur for the week will be Beauden Barrett. I've got to be honest I'm not the biggest rugby supporter but back in October Daniel and I watched "All or Nothing - All Blacks" on amazon video and quickly got to see what an great guy Beauden is so when we got an email saying I would be paired with him, I was over the moon! I knew he was playing in the event but being paired together was very unexpected. Lots to look forward to (Feb 24-Mar1). Check out the link below for the press release and news of the event:

Last week at the Victoria Open didn't go quite as planned but I had some positives from my second round to take with me this week. Check out my stats below:


These are the main stats for last week. I didn't add all of them but over time with more and more rounds I will get a better idea of whats good, bad or in need of some improvement.

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